28 May

Tallahassee Alumnae Panhellenic News

Dear APT Members:

What a time our world and our organization has come through! Who would have thought our busy lives would come to a halt, then put on hold until “phases” allowed us to begin to return to normal?  Alumnae Panhellenic Tallahassee was, of course, also impacted. 

Events with our members and traditions with college seniors were suspended because of a germ, known as Covid-19.  On February 29th, we held a very beautiful and successful Scholarship Luncheon, where we awarded 2 young women  scholarships.  That was not where our calendar was planned to end, but it did.  The following week, officers and delegates met.  That meeting was the period on the 2019-2020 calendar year.

One of the last items of business to this year, should have been the election of officers going into the 2020-2021 calendar year.  With so much uncertainty, the process and operation of an election was questionable.  That, though, is why we have bylaws.  Using those bylaws as they are currently written has cleared the process and today I would like to present the bylaws used to make the decision and the names of the women who will serve. 

Article IV addresses officers and duties.  Section 1 identifies the offices that are to be elected and those that are appointed.  We elect 5 officers:

  • “President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Secretary, and
  • Treasurer

Section 3 declares that “when there is only one nominee for an office, that nominee shall be declared elected.” 

Considering that each office only had one nominee, with the exception of the Vice President, our ballot can be considered elected.  When we meet again at the first gathering of 2020-2021, the brief but meaningful installation ceremony will take place to introduce and honor those women whom have accepted their positions. 

The ballot, and thus declared,elected officers are as follows: 

  • President-Karen Ellis, Alpha Chi Omega
  • Vice President-TBD (As no one accepted this position, our NPC Area Coordinator advised that we move forward, with a candidate being sought when we reconvene.) 
  • Chief Communication Officer-Barbara Forbes-Lyons-Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Secretary-Nancy Gainer, Alpha Xi Delta
  • Treasurer-Kathleen Hudson, Delta Zeta.

I would like to thank Alumnae Panhellenic Tallahassee for allowing me the privilege of serving as both Vice President and President.  I took over the role of president from one caring, dynamic lady, Carol Spring, and now am excited to pass the president’s gavel on to another caring, dynamic lady, Karen Ellis. Our organization will be in good hands with Karen and her officers.  I look forward to continuing as a member of APT and watching it be shaped into whatever the “new normal” will allow, and beyond as time goes by.

Meanwhile, continue to stay safe, continue to encourage young women to seek out a Greek life, and continue to encourage alumnae Greeks to join us, being reminded that our Greek lives gave each one of us something special to share.  We are 26 sororities with one strong bond.


Patricia Scott, Sigma Kappa

Alumnae Panhellenic Tallahassee President 2018-2020

From L-R: Karen Ellis, Patricia Scott, Carol Spring
From L-R: Karen Ellis, Patricia Scott, Carol Spring
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