2020 Event Donors

These lists will be updated as donor requests and commitments are received.

Contact Nancy Gainer with questions about the event and to report your donation activity.
Email Nolefan59@aol.com or call 850-765-9359

Donation Letter SentDonation Commitment Made
Chico’sAlpha Chi Omega Alumnae
Esposito’sAlpha Xi Delta Alumnae
Governor’s Club Chi Omega Alums
Grove Market CafeCoton Colors
My Favorite ThingsDave’s Pizza Garage
Polk a Dot PressFound For Home
Publix SupermarketsFSU/Univ. Center Club
Tasty PastryGarnet & Gold
Lofty PursuitsGem Collection
As You Wish Boutique Hilaman Golf Course
Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae
Kathy Dilworth (ΧΩ)
Loli & Bean
Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Pink Narcissus/Lilly Store
Salon IQ
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alumnae
Wilderness Cabin
Barbara Forbes-Lyons (ZTA)