15 Sep

Making a Difference: The NPC Foundation

CoatOfArms_clr_smallAs the new academic year is in full swing, we are reflecting on the accomplishments of Panhellenic women and the National Panhellenic Conference that were supported by the NPC Foundation. The mission of the NPC Foundation is to advance the NPC member organizations and their commitment to personal growth by raising funds for and underwriting initiatives that launch and sustain women leaders. We have done just that by:

  • Funding “Something of Value” programs bringing together sorority leaders on eleven campuses to have a conversation about risky behaviors affecting sorority members’ safety and well-being and developing action plans to address them.
  • Supporting College Panhellenic Academy that brought 267 College Panhellenic officers in Indianapolis for a day and a half of training, idea sharing and goal setting.
  • Providing scholarships totaling $5,000 to help four outstanding Panhellenic women in their pursuit of education.
  • Giving the Women in Higher Education Achievement Award to Laura Osteen, Ph.D., Florida State University, for her contributions to the landscape of higher education through leadership and support of the sorority experience.

These programs have a lasting impact on individual participants and on Panhellenic sisterhood as a whole. We have supported these efforts primarily through our member organizations, but our resources remain limited. In order to sustain these efforts and increase opportunities for Panhellenic women, we need the support of the Alumnae Panhellenics that understand the value added by lifelong sorority membership.

We ask that each Alumnae Panhellenic donate just $50 to the NPC Foundation Spirit Fund to support and grow the opportunities for all Panhellenic women.

Gifts can be made online to the Spirit Fund at www.npcwomen.org/foundation or by sending a check made out to the NPC Foundation. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for all that you do to advance our mission of launching and sustaining women leaders through the sorority experience.

Janet Brown

Janet Brown



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